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Artcare quality with no damaging pollutants

  • Lightfastness not Fading. Produced with pigment, not dyes, thus ensuring the colours of your framing for years.
  • Resistance to humidity not colour runs In contrast to simple dyes, the pigments of Artcare are not affected by humidity. Making it your guarantee of enduring colour fidelity.
  • Ageless not ageing. Alphamat Artcare is made using alkaline buffers that protect against ageing. A long life protected from damaging acids ensures that white bevel cut edges stay white when you use Alphamat Artcare
  • Filters out harmful pollutants The unique paper technology `Micro-Chamber' filters out harmful pollutants. Your picture is protected from airborne environmental pollutants and acids.

Artcare products meets these quality standards for age resistance

All Alphamat and Alpharag Artcare mounts and mount board achieve and exceed the criteria of DIN 6738, ISO 9706, ANSI/NISO Z39.48-1992 (Durability of paper). All Artcare products have passed the Photographic Activity Test (P.A.T.) ISA 14523.

Substrate & surfaces paper
Molecule Traps (=Zeolite)
colour fast

The Artcare system: An "air conditioner"

Artcare mounts and mountboard contain innovative Microchamber papers, that adsorb invasive airborne pollutants. This technology renders such substances harmless -either from the outside environment or from materials in the picture and frame. Art, photos, documents - everything that is valuable to you is actively protected from deterioration and ageing.


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